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Miniature Golf

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Miniature golf is one of the all time favorite amusement attractions. It provides hours of fun for guests and players, while offers one of the better revenue oppportunities for amusement attraction owners because of it's capacity for continous through-put.

Good miniature golf design can also mean several hundred thousand dollars for a fully themed outdoor 18 hole miniature golf course with elevation, themeing and ground effects and the land needed to build. This puts traditional outdoor themed miniature golf out of the reach of many smaller family fun center operations. However, the good news is many top miniature golf course design and construction companies also offer indoor miniature golf.

Indoor Miniature Golf

indoor miniature golfAlthough you could still spend upwards of a hundred thousand dollars or more on indoor miniature golf, generally speaking the costs for an indoor course are less than an outdoor course of similar design and function. Indoor miniature golf also provides the amusement operator with year round operations and revenue opportunity and most importantly provides your guests with the same 12 month cycle of family fun.

Indoor miniature golf design can incorporate the exact same water features, rock work, themed facades and effects of an outdoor miniature golf course, yet provide all of it under one roof seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year. In addition, if needing to add to or upgrade an indoor miniature golf course at some point, the cost and time expense is less for an indoor miniature golf course than a fully themed outdoors course.

A new spin on the indoor miniature golf game comes from the laser tag arena experience with the inclusion of mini golf and blacklights.

Blacklight Mini Golf

A recent addition to the miniature golf family has been the well received Blacklight mini golf, or the glow in the dark mini golf attraction. A relative new comer, black light mini golf has been around in numbers for about 6 years now. For guests, playing under the glow of the blacklights is both a unique experience andsomething they are unable to do at home or elsewhere.

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