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Written by Creative Works Theme Factory.

Creative Works Repaints Laser Tagging in CA

Indianapolis, IN – May 2, 2013

Kevin Gill – the owner of Laser Tagging in Newark, CA – hired the laser tag experts at Creative Works ( to repaint his entire laser tag attraction.
Laser Tagging originally opened in August of 2011 to an eager market in Newark. During the development process of his facility, Kevin chose one of the smaller laser tag arena builders in the industry to install and paint his attraction. Once the arena installation was complete and his facility was open for a few months, he came to regret decision. In just a few months, his artwork and murals were fading away, leaving guests less than impressed and creating an unsafe environment throughout the entire arena. Players would have a difficult time even seeing the walls, which caused constant collisions with obstacles.

Kevin needed to do something to fix his arena, and toward the end of 2012, he contacted the laser tag experts at Creative Works. Understandably, he was skeptical about paying for an arena again after having such a bad experience the first time. But after conversations with the Creative Works team, reviewing the pictures on their website, and talking to their clients, he knew they had the experience and talent to elevate the arena to the standard he expected. The team at Creative Works wanted to make sure Kevin was involved in the design process from the beginning, so they put together some custom renderings to show him exactly how his new arena would look. Once the new look was finalized, Creative Works booked a trip to California in March of 2013 to repaint his entire laser tag arena.

laser tagging in california gets new paint

Within the first day of the new paint installation, he knew he made the right decision. The new arena theme, which was painted to look like a battle station floating in a far galaxy, was brighter and more vibrant than he could have imagined. After a full week of painting by two artists, the attraction was finished and Kevin re-opened to guests. “We are astounded at the exceptional work that (the artists) were able to complete in such a limited time frame,” commented Kevin.

The response he’s received has been fantastic, and guests love the new arena. Kevin was extremely pleased with the process “from the scheduling of service, which was concise and thorough, to the final product, which wildly exceeded our expectations.” Creative Works hopes to be able to work with Kevin again on future endeavors.
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