Mission Possible Laser Challenge

Written by MLSC.

Tom Cruise had fun with it - now your guests can put themselves in the movies with "Mission Possible".

Mission Possible is a cool new amusement attraction that is fun and challenging for all ages. Good for expanding your party room business, or as a stand-alone activity, Mission Possible from MLSC is a laser challenge game that fits any family friendly attraction.

"We are very pleased to announce two new installations, Power Play Game Lounge in Washington State and a new multi-attraction relationship with Lucky Strike Lanes" said Marisa Catusco of MLSC.

"What's new and sets our game apart from similar attractions is the ability to dramatically reduce operator labor, while offering several different types of game play, challenge levels and customization." said Marisa. 

"Mission Possible can be configured for any room size, comes with three playing levels; easy, medium and hard, and works as a staff-less attraction tied into your coin-op door or card swipe system" she said. Game play includes programmable beat the clock scenarios, and a timed challenge for best-time-wins between participants which makes for a great party or event experience.

The games components are easily configured, and can be changed often - keeping the maze and the game experience evolving and different, never the same game twice! "We have even added an automated starter", said Marisa "The game starts when a designated laser beam is tripped or a big push button that starts the game. They both build tremendous excitement in players as they quickly try to plot their strategy through the maze".

enter a code hereAll systems come with an interactive sound package, an assortment of pre-loaded sound bites that play when a laser beam is broken.  The player will know when they messed up!" said Marisa.

"Users can upload their own custom sounds to the game-play which is a cool feature because it can enable the party person to create their own unique experience for the party and their guests."

There are upgrades including an audience participation package consisting of a 42" monitor for audience viewing and night vision camera… this not only gets those waiting in line into the game, but also attracts onlookers from afar.

A clue is displayed on the front monitor, and the answer to the clue is a pass code that needs to be entered into the podium for the win! The passcode entry is a feature option that can be chosen, or the standard play option is push the button to win.  We have a  custom print package that enables the operator to offer custom branded score cards.

"Mission Possible also comes with an attract mode," said Marisa. "When the game is not in play it will continue to entice walkers by with high energy music and laser lights".

Do you have  a party room you are losing money on? Mission Possible can be setup and making you a healthy return in as little as 200 sqft.

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