Laserland and RedZone Adventures Open for the New Year!

Written by Creative Works.

January 2009 - Creative Works Theme Factory -


The Theme Factory was brought in to design and produce two Urban Quest themed attractions for the Red Zone Adventures entertainment center, which consisted of a 9-hole miniature golf course and a two-level laser tag arena. To completely immerse guests in the environments the Theme Team created 3D props of machinery including industrial-sized exhaust fans, large ventilation units, and iron-like crane claws hanging from the ceiling. Twisted I-beams surrounded by rubble and hazardous waste barrels completed the theming throughout. Our artists painted expansive murals on the perimeter walls including scenes of endless warehouse shelving, stacks of crates, and oversized ventilation ducts.

Interior illuminated props were also created as the target bases inside the laser tag arena and a 9th-hole prop with a challenge hole and special effect sounds and lighting. These props feature milled cabinetry with rounded cutouts, routed acrylic shapes, and colorful lighting effects from within.


The owners of Laser Land of Long Island contacted the Theme Factory to create a futuristic themed environment for their 5,300 square foot multi-level laser tag attraction. The first phase of the project included the installation of an engineered steel play structure to create the second level playing area inside the arena. This structure was designed around their specific seismic zone and featured two switchback ramps on either side to gain access and an open area in the center to allow our 16 foot tall Reactor Core prop to reach through from the first floor.

The next phase included the installation of a myriad of high-tech props, durable maze obstacles, and perimeter wall artwork that transported guests to a landscape of the future. The entrance to the attraction was also themed with our Matrix Gateway arch which surrounds guests with interior illuminated cabinetry and glowing acrylic on their way through to the themed Briefing and Vesting areas.

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laser tag themed maze arena by creative works

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