For the Fun of Frenzy

Written by Creative Works Theme Factory.

Mooresville, IN – April 25, 2011for the fun of lazer frenzy
The list is growing once again for Creative Works. Three more locations have added the Lazer Frenzy ( attraction to their facilities. This unique attraction, which won IAAPA’s Best New Product Award, brings spy and heist movies to life. Each player must weave, bend, and jump their way through laser beams to reach the checkpoint, at which time they turn around and repeat the maze. It’s important for each participant to finish the maze quickly and carefully, as they are scored on both speed and accuracy.

Three facilities have joined the “Frenzy” movement that is rapidly spreading across the country and the globe. The locations include: Putt-Putt Fun Center in Lynchburg, VA; Active Kidz in Long Island, NY; and Kids Fun City in Toronto, Ontario. These were all existing facilities that were looking for a new attraction to increase revenue and garner interest from both kids and adults. They saw that Lazer Frenzy fit the bill, and they seized the opportunity to add it to their facility. Along with the Lazer Frenzy, Active Kidz also installed a single-level laser tag arena. This Battle Quest themed arena includes a 14’ battle droid and a pulsating centerpiece prop. Andy Oelbaum, the owner of Active Kidz, saw both Lazer Frenzy and laser tag as great additions for his fun center.

Lazer Frenzy is very customizable, with the flexibility to fit in almost any facility. This flexibility has played a large part in the attraction’s popularity with facilities around the world. “The numbers we are seeing from our customers are showing that Lazer Frenzy, with its special features and abilities, is allowing them to really capitalize on this attraction,” stated Jeff Schilling, the Chief Architect of Experiences at Creative Works. “We are thrilled with its performance and are glad to see it’s a favorite among many customers.”
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