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Indoor Playground Equipment

The Amusement Equipment Directory is your on-line resource for finding and securing indoor playground equipment, including indoor and outdoor playground design and installation.indoor playrgound equipment

If you own or are looking to start a family fun center or other amusement attraction, an indoor playground or other soft indoor play equipment is the catalyst to offering great party's for children aged 4 to 12 years old. Playground equipment can mean various things to various people, from traditional park equipment like teeter totters and swings to the kids soft play structures found at your local indoor party center. 

commercial playground equipment

Commercial playground equipment can vary a great deal in price too. From smaller play structures and soft play equipment to outdoor kids playground equipment, prices can start below five thousand dollars and go as high as several hundred thousand for fully themed indoor play equipment. Many community centers and fun parks offer outdoor commercial playground equipment that provides local families with a free space to enjoy family fun time in a safe highly visible environment climbing, sliding and crawling through these roto-molded plastic, steel and sometimes hardwood playground equipment.

Soft Play Equipment

Looking at the indoor softplay business, it's hard to believe that "indoor playgrounds" are now pushing a young 30 years old. Invented way back in the 1980's by Jack Pentes (apparently staring at a hamster habitat) indoor playground equipment has come a long way baby. indoor playgrounds for family fun centersToday you can find soft play and indoor playground equipment manufacturers that offer a great variety of designs, themes and many, new interactive activities and attractions within these indoor play structures. Soft Modular Play is the term generally refer to when looking for the indoor kids playground equipment that includes the tubes, slides and crawls and is fun to play in.

Indoor Playgrounds

For many indoor party centers the right playground design can make all the difference in long term success when it comes to both open play and providing exciting birthday parties and events. Because of the diverse age groupindoor playgrounds that typically plays in the indoor playgrounds, making sure your soft modular play equipment provider knows how to create functional design, in addition to the Wow! Factor is important. Having a great big indoor playground without the right combination of activities, open spaces, slides and access is a mistake some new amusement party center developers make. The indoor playground manufacturers listed in the directory can help ensure your playground equipment, soft indoor playground structure meets the highest degree of play-a-bility for  indoor playgrounds and the party center business.

Themeing Indoor Playground

Deciding on themeing your indoor playground can be a different matter. There is no doubt that the eyes of both child and parent turn to saucers when first greeting that big, gorgeous themed play structure in your family fun center. Finding the right indoor playground manufacturers to design and supply that soft play beauty is serious work. Materials used can be expensive, however good playground design with the right strategy and materials can lead to the right playground equipment being installed at the right price for your play structure goals.

Playground Equipment

There are several types of indoor playground equipment, including the old-school traditional outdoor equipment that has been given new life indoors - such as the infamous teeter tooter, swing sets and playground slides. These traditional playground equipment are hard-play and offer a good degree of play-ability, however for most indoor party centers, the play equipment choice tends to revert to the Softplay type climbing structure for a number of reasons. First off, the soft play structure is just that - soft. This reduces some of the liability of hard-play playground elements and if done with purposeful design, can also offer a wide variety of playground play-a-bility. Good indoor playground equipment design can include slides, jumps, crawls, climbs, over-unders, rope climbs, open slides all individual activities that can help to diversify the play experience for your guests.

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