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Amusement Rides

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If you own or are looking to start a family fun center or other amusement attraction, adding the right amusement rides for your target demographic is very important. There are several types of amusement rides available, depending on the market you are trying to attract. For amusement buyers, we offer the following guide.

Park Ridesamusement simulator ride

Even if you don't own or operate a large Amusement Park Attraction, you can still offer your guests the fun and excitement of Park Rides or Carnival Rides either indoors year round, or outdoors as the season fits. According to a recent Fun Center Directory web poll, Amusement Rides are the top draw for attending a family entertainment center, attracting 68% of those who voted, followed close behind by birthday party's.

Park rides vary from the interactive single player experience to the 12 person (and more) community ride that can include air, road, sea, and below the ocean experiences enjoyed by the entire family. This Pima Air & Space Museum’s Flight Simulator Ride will take you on different adventures, from the Time Machine to Desert Storm to Barnstorming. The seven passenger Simulator is inside Hangar One North, with each rider paying a mission ticket of $5.


Kiddie Rideskiddie rides for childrens fun centers

If you are trying to attract the party center market, kids aged 4 to 10 years old, Kiddie Rides are a great way to do so. There are many amusement suppliers that offer rides for children, including Zamperela, Kid Steam, TKFC, Amusement Products, Happy Pillar, BMI Gaming and others. Coin operatred kiddie rides have been popular with every retail outlet and amusement park attraction, including smaller children's entertainment centers and corner grocery stores.

kiddie rides for children fun centerThis Balloon Race amusement ride is a great example of a kiddie ride that can be used either indoor or outdoors at your family fun center, amusement attraction.

Manufactured by Zamperela, this kiddie ride has room for both child and parent and each balloon car can accommodate up to 4 riders at a time. Using a circular tilting motion, this amusement ride offers just enough speed, motion and movement to excite both the child and the riding parent. Seat belts and locking doors provide safety.

Popular Kiddie Ridesamusement rides for kids by Barron Games

Other exciting Kiddie Rides include the ever popular Carousel Ride, the Train-On-Track amusement ride and the Pudding Cups kiddie ride by Barron Games. These smaller foot print games are great for any indoor amusement center that caters to the younger crowd.

Track-Less Train Rides

Trackless kiddie train rideOne of the more recent additions to coin operated kiddie rides is the track-less train by Happy Pillar. This ride has become very popular for many amusement attraction operators because it can be set up quickly, does not require much floor space and can be deigned (layout) to accommodate just about any weird shape you can put it in. For operators it offers diversity and flexibility, including the opportunity to bring out a new amusement ride for special occassions or to create a unique ride for a seasonal event.

Train rides for kids and parents in general have always been popular with family fun centers and attractions, add a train ride in your center and see for yourself.


Carnival Rides

carnival ride for family funNothing says summer fun time like a carnival, and the good news is with a few choice amusement rides you can offer your guests a great summer experience all year round. Carnival rides are those great midway attractions that fill the senses with whirls, spins, dips and laughter. Surrounded by the great smell of an open air amusement concession stand, these rides are pure fun. Carnival ride manufacturers include ride makers Fabbri Group, Bertazzon, Larson International and others.

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