Laser-Blast releases easy multi-arena Laser Tag solution

Written by Laser Blast.

Michigan – July 19th, 2010

Laser-Blast releases easy multi-arena laser tag solution.

New technology allows operators to gain members without alienating their birthday party business.
Plymouth, MI July 10, 2010:  There is nothing worse than watching as a skilled member follows the birthday guest of honor around the arena, ruining his special day. Laser-Blast’s new multi-arena system helps players have fun no matter what their skill level and experience.  A group of hardcore members can play in a partitioned section, while the birthday party plays in the main arena next door, free from having their game ruined by an overzealous member.  Additionally, this separate members’ only arena allows for more frequent use of fun and complex games such as Wild Rabbit and Capture the Flag.    Laser-Blast President Carla Ewald explains, “Members sometimes get a bad reputation with laser tag operators, because they push to play interesting game formats that are just too complicated for the general public.  With our multi-arena system, everyone gets to play their favorite type of laser tag”.  

What about the maximum capacity games on busy Fridays and Saturdays?  Simply reopen the door connecting the two arenas, click a button on the Laser-Blast computer and voila, all of the Laser-Blast vests play together again.  Operators can also move vests between arenas on the fly.  

laser blast - zeta blast multi-arena laser tag

laser blast - multiarena laser tag

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The first arena equipped with this new technology was installed in Thionville, France on March 20, 2010 and  several other arenas plan to add revolutionary dual arena technology in the near future.

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