Creative Works Lazer Frenzy - 1st Place

Written by Creative Works Theme Factory.

Indianapolis, IN – January  25th, 2010

Creative Works’ unveils two new products at IAAPA and LAZER FRENZY™ wins 1st Place for Best New Product for FEC/Amusement! 

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Creative Works Theme Factory exhibited at the 2009 IAAPA tradeshow at booth #7100 with quite a memorable booth as a giant red robot standing over 15’ into the air garnered the attention of attendees several aisles in every direction. On display at the booth this year were two new products, the Cannon Ball foam ball shooter and the LAZER FRENZY laser maze attraction.

Cannon Ball is a new product designed for the 3 to 7 year old demographic in a family entertainment center. With interchangeable themed options such as Dragons, Tanks, Lions, Elephants and more, the Cannon Ball product is designed to keep your attraction fresh for your guests and easy on your bottom line. At less than half the cost of similar products on the market the cannons merely need to be plugged in; avoiding all of the hassles associated with compressors the other products.

On the second day of the IAAPA trade show Creative Works was awarded 1st Place in the Best New Attraction for FEC/Amusement category for LAZER FRENZY!   “We’re very proud and excited to make this announcement today, as we feel LAZER FRENZY™ has been recognized as one of the most unique and sustainable attractions to be introduced to the entertainment market in recent years,” stated Jeff Schilling, President of Creative Works. “It’s a low-cost attraction to install yet it offers high excitement for guests and great revenue potential for our clients which is exactly what entertainment venues are looking for in today’s economy.”

lazer frenzy iaapa booth awardLAZER FRENZY™ is an arcade-style attraction that combines the exhilarating, high-tech excitement of interactive lasers with LED technology that literally gets the player inside the game. Fitting into a space as little as 200 square feet, similar to a small party room and completely enclosed except for an entry/exit door, players will find themselves inside a glowing blacklight environment with brightly colored laser beams shooting across the room creating a web of lasers.

The object of this new game is to get from one side to the other in the least amount of time without breaking any of the laser beams.  The attraction offers a number of game formats and difficulty levels that provide guests with plenty of competitive fun. Along with numerous customization options for operators to keep players coming back, LAZER FRENZY™ also includes score cards and bar coded redemption capabilities out of the box allowing guests to win prizes and have a keepsake to take home with them.

What sets LAZER FRENZY apart is the interactive archway that is included with every package. It uses arcade style buttons with an auto-attendant feature built in so that it requires no staffing to operate. Additional features include easy to change software parameters, endless audio options, safety motion sensors, integrated triggers for powering special effects, swipe card capabilities, an attract mode, and much more. With eye-catching theming like our Adventure Quest look similar to Indiana Jones and others, facility owners can take the experience to the next level and customize LAZER FRENZY™ to their particular location.

The attraction has a broad appeal in age range, starting as young as 5 years old with its easy to learn game objectives and extending to tweens, teens, and young adults with its multiple difficulty levels and the need for strategy and skill to achieve high scores.

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