Hottest New Trend: Krazie-Maze Blacklight Laser Maze

Written by Custom Creations.


The hottest new trend to hit family entertainment centers is Krazie-Mazetm Black Light Laser Mazes.

Simply put, they are Laser-Mazingtm!

This is the latest of new products that Custom Creations is now offering. Over the years, we've constantly been approached and asked for new challenges and product lines that will help turn small, unstable spaces into profit centers. Research has shown that our black light laser mazes are the perfect answer. Our experience in the industry coupled with our theming capabilities allow us to design and build the most challenging and creative laser mazes that are truly Laser-Mazingtm!

Recently installed at Unbelieva-Bill's in Waldwick, NJ, it has proven to be a major return on investment.

"It truly is amazing how Custom Creations was able to transform 975 square feet of dead space into a revenue builder. My party bookings are up, up, up!" - Bill Dubiel, Unbelieva-Bills.

A laser maze should be more than just painted walls and laser beams. The theming designs for this product is endless. We provide a completely themed environment that not only appeals to the challenge of the game, but also to the imagination of the players. Another great aspect of our system is that it can be easily reconfigured by the FEC owner for new challenges of all levels.

Do you have dead space that is crying to be turned into a profit center? Then we would like to hear from you!