Lazer Frenzy Opens at Lazer Blaze

Written by Creative Works Theme Factory.

Mooresville, IN – October 17th., 2011

Lazer Blaze has been an icon in the Louisville KY area since it opened over a decade ago.  Over one hundred thousand guests have been to the facility over the years and its owner is widely known in the industry as one of the top operators for this type of attraction.  Jack Turner, the man behind Lazer Blaze, had already collaborated with Creative Works on projects in the past.  During the past five years, he has contracted the company to install a Cosmic Golf course and provide theme work for his lobby, party rooms, and laser tag arena.  “When I chose Creative Works to help us bring our facility into the new millennium, I was hesitant that the finished product wouldn’t keep the iconic ambience our customers appreciate,” commented Jack.  “Not only did the facility keep the needed historical beauty, but now has eye candy that rivals any of the new facilities opening today.  Plain and simple, they are the best!”  The impact these products made on the facility ultimately led Jack to seek out the help of Creative Works once again.  

In order to keep Lazer Blaze ahead of the competition, he wanted to bring the successful Lazer Frenzy ( attraction to his site, but he wanted a different twist that no other location has seen for this attraction.  That’s where the innovation of Creative Works came into play.  The team went back to the drawing board and designed a custom Lazer Frenzy laser maze attraction they dubbed “The Qube”.  

This unique footprint is about 256 square feet – larger than most mazes – and has a unique pulsating laser tower in the center.  Rather than the back and forth action of the standard Lazer Frenzy attraction, this new design requires players to move around the tower in a circular fashion while avoiding the lasers that fan out in every direction.

The Creative Works team was thrilled to once again work with the Turner family on this custom attraction.  “We have had the pleasure to work with Jack and Debbie Turner for nearly 8 years, and have watched their stand-alone laser tag grow into a great family fun center with multiple attractions,” stated Jeff Schilling of Creative Works.  “Jack is one who truly understands the need to stay ahead of the curve, and we have great respect for him and his wife.  They are a mentor to many in this industry and we feel fortunate to have a great client who has become a good friend.”

Lazer Frenzy opens at LazerBlaze Kentucky

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