SceneWorks - Pirate Ship Mini Golf

Written by SceneWorks, Inc.



Giant Pirate Ship Makes Big Spalsh in Ontario!

Blimey!  Could it be that SceneWorks has built another pirate ship?  Aye…it’s true, only this time the crew built one big enough to walk through!  At nearly 50’ long and 30’ tall, this is the largest pirate ship SceneWorks has built to date.  But the ship isn’t the only key feature to this magnificent course located in Tecumseh, Ontario. 

The Point of Sale building reinforces the pirate theme and offers an outstanding look for the property.  Combine that with a castaway’s treehouse and you have a recipe for entertainment!  Check out more of SceneWorks creations at

Pictures are seen below.:

themed pirate ship hits ontario mini-golf

treehouse theme by sceneworks, inc.

themeing facade for mini-golf in ontario


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