SceneWorks - Pirate Ship Concession Stand

Written by SceneWorks, Inc.



Pirate Ship Concession Stand on Maiden Voyage!

The talented crew of SceneWorks has delivered yet again.  The Scallywag Pirate Ship set sail last month to collect on a unique idea for selling coffee, sno-cones, and smoothies.  Scallywags of Dallas, TX commissioned SceneWorks to design and fabricate a one of a kind concession stand that would attract landlubbers of all shapes and sizes to partake in their themed treats.

A few of the features included on this ship include masts that raise and lower, hidden hatch doors for storage, stain-glass windows that raise up to reveal the working galley, as well as all the details typically seen in a SceneWorks project.  Custom brackets, themed paint, and scaled wooden barrels for customer seating.  Did we mention that the ship is also mobile and can be towed from event to event?  Well of course it is!

Catch a glimpse of the ship as it leaves port.  Pictures are seen below.:

sceneworks completes themed scalleywag concession stand

themed pirate ship offers concessions by Sceneworks

Themed Ship for Pirates concessions trailer


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