IAAO - International Amusement Association Growing

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IAAO - amusement operators association

Chilliwack, Canada
May 26th., 2011

Wlecome to the future of online resources for busy amusement attraction owners and operators.
IAAO–The International Association of Amusement Operators continues to grow and attract amusement owners and community interest to it's online amusement resource. With their mandate of 'More traffic, more often' and a focus on smaller amusement attractions, indoor party centers and family fun centers, IAAO is setting a new standard for what an amusement association should be doing for it's membership.

RePLay Magazine features IAAORecently featured in RePlay Magazine, Mr. Giesbrecht outlined the association's mandate and the road ahead for IAAO and it's membership.
Download a copy of the PDF article here.

If you own or operate an amusement attraction, IAAO is free to join, free to use and offers a number of amusement specific resources to help grow your business. More traffic, more often.

You can learn more about IAAO on the web:
International Association of Amusement Operators


FEC Network Global Press Release

About FEC Network - FEC Network has been involved in the amusement attractions and family entertainment center business for over 15 years, and during this time has been members of various associations, including IAAPA and previously IALEI. As the largest commercial web portal for amusement owners, operators new developers and manufacturers, the FEC Network continues to provide innovative business solutions for the amusement industry.