Laser-Blast Releases Wireless Charging Racks

Written by Laser Blast.

Laser-Blast Releases Wireless Charging Racks:

Innovative Flux-Charge system reduces labor and replacement battery costs.

Plymouth, MI February 1st, 2011:  

Laser-Blast announced the release of its new Flux-Charge vest racks.  The Flux-Charge racks recharge the packs’ batteries with inductive charging through magnetic coils.  This innovation will reduce battery handling labor, as well as downtime due to low batteries.   Additionally, batteries will have longer useful lives, because the vests operate on power from your outlets while they are on the rack, without any wear and tear on the battery.    laser blast maze flux battery charging system
“The Flux-Charge vest racks will pay for themselves quickly through spending less time dealing with batteries and cutting battery replacement costs.  For a 20 vest system you can save thousands of dollars per year,” commented Carla Ewald, Laser-Blast President.  The custom-molded rack is designed to force the vest to slide into the proper position to recharge, avoiding the problem of inconsistent alignment that is common with other charging racks that use contacts or connectors.  Wireless charging also avoids the hassle of connecting the battery to the rack each time it is hung up after a game.  laser blast introduces blue flux charging vestsThe tough polycarbonate racks are designed to take a 300 pound load without cracking.  Tim Ewald, VP of Engineering for Laser-Blast, affirmed, “We designed the Flux-Charge racks with leaning, excited kids in mind.  They can handle the everyday stress that comes with the territory.”
Not only are the new racks functional & durable, the frosted plastics also add a cool glow effect to your vesting room.  The glowing rack can be programmed to stay red, green or blue; or to match its color to the vest that is placed on it.  Ghelan Ismail of Zap Zone Farmington said that, “We’ve been looking for something to brighten up our briefing room.  The glow from these vest racks leaves an unforgettable impression. The Laser-Blast racks blow our old racks away!”   laser tag equipment by Laser Blast
The Laser-Blast racks without the charging mechanism (Glowing light only) are currently available for $125 per rack.  The Flux-Charge racks are undergoing final testing and will be available for April 2011 delivery.  Please contact Laser-Blast at 1-877-338-7889 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for more information.

For more Information Contact:
Mike Ewald
6118 Gotfredson Road
Plymouth, MI 48170

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