FEC Network Announces the International Association of Amusement Operators

Written by News Hound.

IAAO - amusement operators association

Chilliwack, Canada
December 10th., 2010

As a follow-up to the interest received during the recent IAAPA trade expo, the FEC Network is proud to introduce the IAAO (International Association of Amusement Operators).

"The focus of the IAAO is exclusively on family fun centers, indoor party centers, smaller amusement parks, family entertainment centers, indoor waterparks and children's edutainment centers. In addition to offering these facilities an established amusement buyers program, the IAAO brings innovative marketing programs that a family fun center, indoor party center, amusement center or fun park can use on a daily basis to grow their memberships, spur repeat visits and ultimately drive a direct increase in their revenues", said Derek Giesbrecht of the FEC Network.

"In speaking with many family fun center, indoor party center and other smaller fun parks and attractions owners we realize there is a void in the focus and support for these facilities", he continued. "By focusing exclusively on amusement attractions and owners there is no cost or annual fee to the amusement operator. We are able to do this because of the intense amount of work in structure and support we have set up during our 10 plus years on the web", said Mr. Giesbrecht.

"There are a wealth of books and manuals out there from other good amusement resources, and discounts on insurance certainly help an operators bottom line, but in speaking with owners and operators, their real daily challenge is how do I drive a continuous stream of paying customers through the doors? I used to be an operator and I understand the finite resources of time and budget these smaller attractions face and by using the foundation we have built through the FEC Network we are able to provide real value to these facilities, supported exclusively by our strength in web traffic."

Mr. Giesbrecht went on to say, "we are totally stoked to once again be leading the on-line marketing curve with this innovative new program and welcome all owner/operators who feel they could use an increase in traffic, bookings and revenues to check us out and join our community."

The IAAO is already over 360 members strong. If you own or manage an amusement attraction, the process is free and two-step simple... Register with Amusement Operators.org


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About FEC Network - FEC Network has been involved in the amusement attractions and family entertainment center business for over 15 years, and during this time has been members of various associations, including IAAPA and previously IALEI. As the largest commercial web portal for amusement owners, operators new developers and manufacturers, the FEC Network continues to provide innovative business solutions for the amusement industry.