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Creative Works, Inc. is a full-service theme creator, prop builder and attractions provider to theme parks, museums, family entertainment centers, restaurants, tourist attractions, and other venues. For over a decade now, we have brought ideas to life with a talented team of designers, sculptors, craftsmen, and artisans, known throughout the industry as the "Theme Team", and are proud to have delivered the WOW Effect to a wide variety of destinations across the globe. Today our 33,000 square foot production facility, combined with our talented team enable us to handle any size project. As a company our commitment is to the excellence of the atmospheres, props and attractions we produce. As a collective team of individuals our commitment is to the relationships we develop throughout the process. The combination of the two is what drives us to deliver the WOW Effect across the globe. It’s who we are…it’s what we believe…and it’s why we passionately pursue each project from concept to completion. We have dedicated ourselves to the craft of creativity and have earned a solid reputation as a visionary company with innovative approaches, affordable solutions, and astounding results. Through the mix of traditional methods, creative techniques, computers, CNC machines, and more, we employ a personal approach with our clients to understand their needs, answer their questions and create their visions. Every opportunity is a new challenge for us to create something unique, engaging, and captivating. From inception to completion, we work closely with those we work with to add our attractions as well as design, fabricate, and install almost any themed elements imaginable.


  • Street: 350 Bridge Street
  • Postcode: 46158
  • City: Mooresville
  • State: Indiana
  • Country: United States


Creative Works, Inc.

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